Voiceover for Oxford University Press

A video with an important message about language in Schools which required a dynamic and informed tone to fit the nature if this subject

IVR for Enterprise Waste Management

A welcoming, approachable but informative tone needed for this company's on hold messages

Corporate Voiceover for CGI Group

Upbeat, professional business sounding, smiley but not too happy - a slight contradiction in terms but I managed it. Happy client, hurrah!


5 Corporate Explainer Videos for EnergySYS

Another load of videos for this company who are happy with my work for them which is always the goal!


Voiceover for the Cabinet Office

Official and informative tone needed


Corporate Video for Ablrate

Upbeat but informative was the brief for this one

4 Corporate Explainer Videos for EnergySYS

Lots of new technical terms to master for this one but mission accomplished! 

On Hold Messages for C & W Commercial

A professional but friendly tone needed to deliver on hold messages forthis company


Corporate Video for Naspers

Friendly but approachable tone required

Audiobook for Audible - 'Eagle Masters' by Christiaan.C.Hile & J.Patrick 

A lovely coming of age book that I was fortunate to Voice. You can purchase and download from Audible it here: Eagle Masters 

Charity Video for Diabetes UK

Informative but friendly tone needed for this charity video

Information Video for Made in Britain

A script that points out the benefits of being a 'Made in Britain' member for manufacturers. A nice upbeat script to be shared online and all over the world

Audiobook for Audible - 'Paris: The Best of Paris for Short Stay Travel' by Gary Jones 

A lovely guide to Paris if you are going for a weekend and a follow up to the Prague guide I recorded previously. You can purchase and download from Audible it here: Paris: The Best of Paris for Short-Stay Travel


Corporate Video for TATA Steel

Lots of technical words to get my mouth around in this script and make it sound like I know what I'm talking about! Tricky and technical, but the client was very happy - mission accomplished!

Audiobook for Audible - 'Prague: The Best of Prague for Short Stay Travel' by Gary Jones 

A lovely guide to Prague if you are going for a weekend. You can purchase and download from Audible it here: Prague: The Best of Prague for Short-Stay Travel

Video for UWE Bristol

Upbeat tone for this University

Corporate Video for Thomson Media

A nice corporate script with an informative but friendly tone needed


4 Corporate Videos for Naspers Media Company

Complimented on my formal but friendly tone, this company booked me to voice 4 of their upcoming videos 


Explainer Video for Posturite

A brief to be clear and informative to demonstrate a new range of Posturite chairs which will be shown online


Corporate Voiceover for Team Prevent

An upbeat but to-the-point tone for an information video about Occupational Health & Wellbeing 

Pharmaceutical Video for Sanofi

A script of medical terms for a new medication.  An informative but warm tone.


Training Video for Prysmian Group

An explainer script with new terminologies and technical terms for me to get my tongue around

Corporate Voiceover for Fujitsu

A cinematic feel was required for this corporate video as well as alternative natural takes

Corporate Voiceover for Aquiva

3 variations of this script - friendly but efficient,  overly bubbly and very authoritative corporate tone. A client I thoroughly enjoy working for who said after the first take, "Wow, I'm amazed!" - I can't ask for more than that for feedback!

Corporate Voiceover for Eve Loms

Friendly but informative tone needed for this beauty client

Acting Voiceover for Soulmates Academy

After onscreen filming for this lovely company, they booked me to record some new VO for the final video. I played out two versions of the same character.

Corporate Voiceover for Soulmates Academy

After onscreen filming for this lovely company, they booked me to record some new VO for the final video.

Commercial Voiceover recorded for Nationwide

A few different voices on this commercial to  show various walks of life. 

Corporate Voiceover recorded for TechData

An approachable but informative tone needed for this one and another happy client!

* *NEW On Hold Showreel* *

I have had enough on hold work now that my new shiny showreel is complete! Check it out on my Demo page! 

Corporate Voiceover recorded for Engage Hub

Another job done for a fab client who is keeping me busy at the mo! Nice, friendly upbeat corporate

Corporate Voiceover recorded for Sharp

3 nice upbeat and friendly corporate scripts for a lovely client


Corporate Voiceover recorded for BNY Mellon

The request from the client was “We should try to make it sound futuristic” – which was a request I haven’t had before! Whatever this sound is, I managed to achieve it as the client was a very pleased with my read!

Recorded a Voiceover in the Style of Marilyn Monroe for a Corporate Ball

Never one to pass up on a challenge, I was asked if I could do a Marilyn Monroe impression! It had been over 10 years since I had done a Marilyn voice but I managed it for this event and the client was very pleased. Boo boo bi doo!

Recorded a Voiceover for PopBook

A maturer sounding VO for this one to appeal to young Mums

Filmed a video & recorded Voiceovers for SoulMates Academy

A varied job which I thoroughly enjoyed. I filmed various scripted scenes with my onscreen husband to show how marital problems can be resolved. I then had to do a variety of improvs to camera. Then I recorded 3 pieces of Voiceover. A great job that also had Sophie Aldred aka Ace (Dr Who!) working on it 

Recorded Voiceover announcements for Surrey Theatres 

Coming to a Surrey Theatre near you... me! Telling you to turn your phones off, thank you!

Recorded a character role for a Legoland ride

A fun script that showcased some of my character work. If you happen to be in Dubai,  go to Legoland and check out the  S.Q.U.I.D Underwater Sea Adventure ride and pay particular attention to the Professor!

Recorded a corporate video for Allianz  

I thoroughly enjoy working with this team. A second VO for them with more to come... hurrah!

Recorded a  video for Virgin  Start Up

I was asked to give lots of different versions of this script. Formal & posh, then younger sounding posh, then a really London version, then a less London version, then a younger sounding London version! A lot of fun and an added bonus that voicing every other paragraph between mine is Sir Richard Branson himself.

Recorded a pharmaceutical video for Sanofi

A second Voiceover recorded for this team with more pharma terms I haven't come across before. Always learning!

Filmed a Corporate video & Voiceover for Allianz 

An enjoyable afternoon filming some improvs to camera and recording a Voiceover for this lovely team

Recorded a pharmaceutical video for Sanofi 

A few tricky words to get my teeth round in this self recorded script, but I did it and the client was very happy with my work! Plus I added a few more words to my pharma vocabulary!

Recorded a Voiceover for Unibet

Some naturalistic acting for this one as I had to be a con artist pretending to have found unusual activity on a Unibet customer's account. 

Recorded a Voiceover for Verint

A nice corporate job. The requirement was upbeat but informative. A fab video to go with it that spells out my words in a fun animation as I speak

Recorded a Voiceover for Vibrant

A corporate job to be shown on the company website and to be sent to their customers. A nice corporate script

Amy, you hit the nail on the head with your Professor character. Great working you and thanks 


for Legoland

Wow, I'm amazed!  Quite frankly, that was so easy and sounded exactly how I wanted it too, thanks!


for Arquiva

Amy, well done for getting your mouth around those tricky pronunciations! It sounds great to me!


for Sanofi

I’ll definitely be in touch when future opportunities come up. It was a real pleasure working with you.


for Allianz

Thanks Amy. Nice to meet you. Great job by the way. You pitched it perfectly! 


for TQ8

Thank you so much! You made sense of my direction despite it not quite making sense at all! Spot on


for 2Peas

Thanks very much for turning this around so quickly Amy. Great read from you


for Legoland

Posh but edgy - exactly what I was after! Spot on variations - formal, posh, young sounding AND London. Ta! Loads to choose from


for Virgin

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