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Amy, you hit the nail on the head with your Professor character. Great working you and thanks 


for Legoland

Wow, I'm amazed!  Quite frankly, that was so easy and sounded exactly how I wanted it too, thanks!


for Arquiva

Amy, well done for getting your mouth around those tricky pronunciations! It sounds great to me!


for Sanofi

I’ll definitely be in touch when future opportunities come up. It was a real pleasure working with you.


for Allianz

Thanks Amy. Nice to meet you. Great job by the way. You pitched it perfectly! 


for TQ8

Thank you so much! You made sense of my direction despite it not quite making sense at all! Spot on


for 2Peas

Thanks very much for turning this around so quickly Amy. Great read from you


for Legoland

Posh but edgy - exactly what I was after! Spot on variations - formal, posh, young sounding AND London. Ta! Loads to choose from


for Virgin

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